The prospective parent experience is the greatest tool a school has to grow and sustain best-fit enrolments.

A great parent experience means calm parents; consistent enquiries; tours filled; less administration burden; systemised processes.

Standing in the way? Haphazard communication, under-resourced marketing and hard-to-manage websites.

We help schools create amazing parent experiences in four ways:

How do we do it?

We plan with you

Planning is at the core of good decision-making. Right now, you probably feel a little daunted by the prospect of change; where to start, what to prioritise, and how much to invest. That's okay! Planning helps answer these questions objectively, engaging all the appropriate stakeholders along the way.

We build with you

Building the systems, assets and infrastructure to support an amazing parent experience is a complex endeavour. Usually, schools are faced with doing this work in-house, or completely outsourcing to an agency. We believe there's a third way: we build alongside you, so you can uniquely influence the end result without having to manage the complexity of the project in-house.

We partner with you

Building meaningful change through strategy, design, and systems takes time and energy. We know that this is best done in partnership, not a get-in-get-out mentality. We're in it for the long haul, to make sure change is made and sustained.

Trusted by schools across Australia

Hi! I'm Jacob, owner of Bolsta Digital.

I've worked with schools for over seven years: in-house, as a freelancer and with an agency. 

One thing has always made me excited; partnering with passionate, capable marketers who are overwhelmed with a lack of resources. 

As a school marketer, you wear a million different hats. It's difficult to master them all. Am I speaking to you?

You dream about having the time, skills and headspace to do excellent work telling your school's story, although mapping a path to this dream feels daunting.

We partner with school marketers just like you, helping you to deliver an outstanding parent experience with less stress. 

I love strategy. I love problem-solving. I love finding efficiencies. I love the complexities of schools. And perhaps most importantly, I love championing people like you to be the very best you can be. Your win is my win! 

We bring life to your school's story, and help reduce your stress-levels while we're at it. 

I’d love to learn more about you and your school. The best way to get started is to book a call with me. No strings attached.
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"It is just so easy working with Jacob. He is thoughtful, articulate, and has the capacity to go toe-to-toe with you on strategic thinking and big picture projects."
David Gray
Director of Mission & Community
Belmont Christian College

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Packed with actionable insights, recommendations and details for every stage of the Enrolment Journey. Plus, it's built in Miro, ready for you to customise and share.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What packages do you offer?

    We offer four packages. Click to learn more:

    1. Enrolment Journey Health Assessment
      For schools who need clarity about their marketing, quickly
    2. School Marketing Foundations Training
      For school marketing managers who need comprehensive training in the foundational elements of school marketing
    3. Digital Rebuild
      For schools who need a new website that works for them, not against them
    4. Parent Experience Program
      For schools who need to transform their brand, marketing and communications via an A-Z process
  • How much do you charge?

    You can find pricing for our two introductory packages by clicking on the links below.

  • What should our school do first?

    The best place to start with the Enrolment Journey Health Assessment. This will give you a quick overview of what’s working and what isn’t, as well as an opportunity to work with me and see if we’re a good fit.

    If you’re still not sure, then the best thing to do is to book a call with me. Listening and asking questions is where I want to start every piece of work. So come prepared to talk about your hopes, dreams and frustrations!

  • Can you meet on-site?

    Yes! I’d love to come and meet you and your team on-site. I know that every school has a unique ‘feel’, and that’s something that can often only be felt with boots on the ground. 

    Sometimes, distance may mean that I can only come on-site as an addition to a project. This is something that can be discussed during project scoping. 

  • How do you understand the unique culture and 'feel' of my school?

    I’ve been in and around small independent schools and organisations for most of my life in personal and professional capacities, so I know firsthand that each one is unique.

    At the same time, I’ve seen agencies and external contractors come into organisations and try to initiate dramatic change quickly. I’m passionate about building trust and providing solutions that instigate healthy, sustainable growth towards best practice.

    I believe that understands the culture of a school comes almost exclusively through listening and asking curious questions. 

  • Do you build school websites?

    Yes! We love building school websites. We’ll manage the entire build, from concept, through design, development and launch using our trusted Digital Rebuild process.

    We have a network of experts that ensure your website is an incredible experience for every prospective parent, and is easy for your admin team to use every day.

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