Want a simple way to improve your school website with a few minutes of work?

I’ve been using a website evaluation tool called the ‘grunt test’ for years. Credit to Donald Miller, founder of StoryBrand who I first learnt this from.

Did you know that within a mere 2.6 seconds, visitors form their initial impressions of your school website? That’s the amount of time you have to get people’s attention and convince them to keep reading.

So what’s the grunt test?

Look at your website header: if a caveman was to read it, would they be able to understand?

They should be able to grunt out three things almost instantly:

  • What is it that you offer?
    How will it make my life better?
    What do I need to do to buy?

Below are three headers that nail the essentials, ensuring that the impression people form in the first 2.6 seconds is an accurate and compelling one.

  • What: Prep-Year 12 Christian School
  • How: A caring, compassionate environment where your family will thrive
  • Take action: Book a tour
  • What: K-6 Primary School in Newcastle, NSW
  • How: Nurturing inquisitive children through play-based learning
  • Take action: Join our Open Day
  • What: Co-Educational Grammar School
  • How: Developing leaders since 1901
  • Take action: Call now to secure your position

Of course, these examples might need a little bit of your school’s secret brand sauce to bring them to life – but can you see the principle?

Often times, a school website header will be weighed down by:

  • Too much copy (remember – 2.6 seconds is all the time you have)
  • Using jargon or ‘insider’ language (language that only teachers or people within your community would understand)
  • No Call-To-Action (tell people what the next step is)
  • Using language and images that don’t resonate with your target audience

Building and maintaining an effective school website can be daunting, but nailing some foundational tactics like the ‘grunt test’ can dramatically improve even a poor website in a very short amount of time.

At Bolsta Digital, we audit and improve websites all the time. Want to see where you can make some quick improvements to your website? Book a call today.