Who is it for?

Our Foundational Training is perfect for schools who need: 

  • To understand how to better utilise key communication channels like social media and website

  • To quickly up-skill a new marketing manager

  • A professional development pathway for their admissions team

  • To tame a clunky, chaotic or poorly defined enrolment journey

What is it?

Over 10 weekly sessions, our one-to-one training with Bolsta Digital founder, Jacob Shultz, covers the foundations of school marketing. We cover the theory, systems and skills you need to be an excellent school marketer as well as the common pitfalls to avoid.

You'll finish with a clear understanding of your school's enrolment journey, a renewed sense of clarity and optimism about your work, and a framework for the content and purpose of each communication channel you own. 

Along the way you'll be given various templates and frameworks that will help you build repeatable structures that will last years and help you report up effectively and efficiently to your leadership. 

Sessions overview

  • Week 1: Introduction to the Enrolment Journey
  • Week 2: Enrolment Journey Health Assessment
  • Week 3: Digital assets and infrastructure review
  • Week 4: Content planning and strategy #1
  • Week 5: Content planning and strategy #2
  • Week 6: Website mastery
  • Week 7: Q&A session
  • Week 8: Building a marketing strategy #1 (planning)
  • Week 9: Building a marketing strategy #2 (reporting)
  • Week 10: Building repeating systems and automation

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"It is just so easy working with Jacob. He is thoughtful, articulate, and has the capacity to go toe-to-toe with you on strategic thinking and big picture projects."
David Gray
Director of Mission & Community
Belmont Christian College

Hi! I'm Jacob, owner of Bolsta Digital.

I've worked with schools for over seven years: in-house, as a freelancer and with an agency. 

One thing has always made me excited; partnering with passionate, capable marketers who are overwhelmed with a lack of resources. 

As a school marketer, you wear a million different hats. It's difficult to master them all. Am I speaking to you?

You dream about having the time, skills and headspace to do excellent work telling your school's story, although mapping a path to this dream feels daunting.

We partner with school marketers just like you, helping you to deliver an outstanding parent experience with less stress. 

I love strategy. I love problem-solving. I love finding efficiencies. I love the complexities of schools. And perhaps most importantly, I love championing people like you to be the very best you can be. Your win is my win! 

We bring life to your school's story, and help reduce your stress-levels while we're at it. 

I’d love to learn more about you and your school. The best way to get started is to book a call with me. No strings attached.
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