As a school marketing manager, you wear a million different hats. It's difficult to master them all.

You know the value of strategic thinking, but it’s hard to do in the day-to-day chaos.

You dream about having the time, skills and headspace to do excellent work telling your school's story, although mapping a path to this dream feels daunting.

But what if you had a partner-in-crime who's walked the path before?  

We partner with marketing specialists just like you, helping you to deliver outstanding work with less stress. 
Created in partnership

We work with schools using a flexible three-phase framework


Digital Audits, Brand & Digital Strategy

We uncover insights through a process of listening to people and analysing data. We look for the nuances of your school and outline a roadmap toward meaningful digital transformation.


Web Design, Brand Identity, CRM Systems

We breathe life into your school by crafting beautiful, functional brands and people-friendly websites, woven together with compelling storytelling.


Digital Partnerships, Coaching, Change Management

We become an extension of your team, continually improving, developing and supporting you across our range of digital services.
"It is just so easy working with Jacob. He is thoughtful, articulate, and has the capacity to go toe-to-toe with you on strategic thinking and big picture projects."
David Gray
Director of Mission & Community
Belmont Christian College

Trusted by schools across Australia

Hi! I'm Jacob, owner of Bolsta Digital.

I've worked with schools for over seven years: in-house, as a freelancer and with an agency. 

I've seen the best and worst of school marketing. 

One thing has always made me excited; partnering with passionate, capable marketing managers who are overwhelmed with a lack of resources. 

They are usually incredibe 'doers'; the hands, feet and heartbeat of a school. But they know their limitations in strategic, long-term thinking. Am I speaking to you?

This is where I excel. I love strategy. I love problem-solving. I love finding efficiencies. I love the complexities of schools. And perhaps most importantly, I love championing people like you to be the very best you can be. Your win is my win. 

I've found that in partnership, the 'doer' and the 'thinker' can be a firecracker combination. 

And even better? I have a network of professional designers, developers and copywriters who I work with every day, who together help Bolsta Digital to bolster you and your school. 

We bring life to your school's story, and help reduce your stress-levels while we're at it. 

I’d love to learn more about you and your organisation. The best way to get started is to book a call with me. No strings attached.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What packages do you offer?

    Our packages are organised into three phases:

    1. Plan
    2. Build
    3. Partner

    Within each phase, there are a number of unique offers. Typically, we see schools follow this process:

    1. Audit, to gain a deep understanding of the strategic digital and marketing priorities. 
    2. Brand/website build, to ensure that these core elements of successful school marketing are fit for purpose.
    3. Digital partnership, to bolster the in-house marketing team in a sustainable and ongoing fashion. 
  • How much do you charge?

    Pricing transparency is important to us. If you’d like a more detailed quote, book a call today.


    • Audit – starting from $2 000
    • Brand & Digital Strategy – starting from $4 000


    • Website – starting from $12 000
    • Brand Identity – starting from $8 000
    • Digistorm Funnel integration – POA


    • Digital Partnerships – starting from $4 000/Term
    • Coaching – starting from $400/hr
  • What's the best way to start working with Bolsta Digital?

    The best way to start working with Bolsta is to book a call. Listening and asking questions is where I want to start every piece of work. So come prepared to talk about your hopes, dreams and frustrations! 

  • How does your partnership model work?

    Our Digital Partnership gives you the skills and strategic insight of a $100k+ hire for a fraction of the cost, without any of the usual people management required with an in-house hire. As a Digital Partner, I become an extension of your team, ready to help you create and execute a long-term, sustainable digital strategy.

    Standard digital partnership inclusions:

    • Website management
    • Unlimited Async access to me for new features, edits and changes
    • Strategic consulting
    • 2hr planning & strategy sessions at start of every Term
    • Assist in building RFPs and liaising with external agencies on larger campaigns
    • SOP creation and team training
    • Flexibility to shape role around your unique needs
    • Ongoing digital data analysis using Analytics, Search Console, etc.
    • Limited spots available

    Note: We often find that the digital partnership will become tailored to your unique needs over time, and as such this inclusions list may change for you. 

  • Can you meet on-site?

    Yes! I’d love to come and meet you and your team on-site. I know that every school has a unique ‘feel’, and that’s something that can often only be felt with boots on the ground. 

    Sometimes, distance may mean that I can only come on-site as an addition to a project. This is something that can be discussed during project scoping. 

  • How do you understand the unique culture and 'feel' of my school?

    I’ve been in and around small independent schools and organisations for most of my life in personal and professional capacities, so I know firsthand that each one is unique.

    At the same time, I’ve seen agencies and external contractors come into organisations and try to initiate dramatic change quickly. I’m passionate about building trust and providing solutions that instigate healthy, sustainable growth towards best practice.

    I believe that understands the culture of a school comes almost exclusively through listening and asking curious questions. 

  • Do you build school websites?

    Yes! We love building school websites. We’ll manage the entire build, from concept, through design, development and launch. 

    We have a network of experts that ensure your website is an incredible experience for every prospective parent, and is easy for your admin team to use every day. 

  • Do you manage social media?

    No, we don’t manage day-to-day social media at Bolsta Digital. We think that day-to-day social media is best used to communicate the unique ‘voice’ of your school, and as such, is best managed in-house. We do, however, offer a number of services to bolster your day-to-day social media:

    • Brand strategy and messaging
    • Social media training
    • Paid advertising campaign management
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